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A New Way to do Survival Minecraft Guides

When looking for inspiration and new ideas on YouTube, it’s extremely hard to find something unique.

Every day I have to dig further into the depths of my imagination and creativity.  No-one likes “reboots” and “same same” type content across the platform, but avoiding this is harder than it may appear!

Sometimes, creating a different approach to something that is out there, can breathe new life into an old beast.

Survival Minecraft guides are one such thing!

For me, and I suspect for many of you too, Survival Minecraft is the heartbeat of the game.

It was there first. 

It was the format that pulled me into a blocky world and got me addicted to placing blocks and bashing mobs. Creative Minecraft will always be very close to my heart.  It’s where I can truly let my mind wander.  However, I never forget that Survival is where it all started.

With Avomancia AND AlphaCraft already very active on the channel I didn’t want to just knock out a third survival series, without giving it some interesting twist.

So what do I do when I want to get a new idea off the ground, but I’m not quite sure how to do it?

I ask friends who have similar experience but a different perspective.

THAT is where Frilioth comes in.

Fril and I often bounce ideas around and this was no exception. In fact, it was that very bouncy act that led us to our lightbulb.

Do a Solo Survival Guide, but NOT SOLO?!?

In Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage

How about a Manual to Survival Minecraft from two different perspectives at the same time?

On the Same World?

In the Same Order?

All the way to bashing the Big Bad Black Lizard and beyond?

Frilioth - My AlphaCraft Colleague and Redstone King

What do I do when I want to get a new idea off the ground, but I'm not quite sure how to do it? I ask friends who have similar experience but a different perspective. A new survival manual's coming soon...

As Patrons, I am letting you know first. You deserve a little cheeky insight into whats coming!

The plan is, that on April 27th, Frilioth and I will BOTH release Episode 1 of our Minecraft Survival Manual series separately. Two videos, same challenge and objective. Different approach!

It’s up to the viewer to decide which style resonates more with them, or choose a totally different path.

The format is basic. A complete how to start a new Minecraft survival world when you know nothing. The kind of things that I would have wanted to know when I made episode 1 of Avo’s Journey, all that time ago.

How to start a world. How to Craft a Pickaxe. How not to get your Face Eaten. You know… the basics.

However, we want it to encourage more experienced players too, by giving the chance to contribute by sharing the world seed and maybe even giving people the opportunity to build along with us!

So what episodes do you think we should include?

Episode 1 will be about surviving the first night. Others will include things like “How to Find Diamonds”, “How to Farm Food” and “Exploring and Buried Treasure”

My Patrons always have fantastic ideas.  While we may not be able to use them all, I’d really value your input on content.

What would YOU have really liked to have known right at the start and how do you think can we keep it interesting for everyone?  

As always, Thank you!

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  1. Kathryn H.

    Another great idea! Looking forward to the new series and coming up with suggestions. 🙂

  2. Paul Waychoff

    This sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome series! I wish I’d have known how game changing fishing was early on and that it is way easier to get book shelves for an enchantment table from a village rather than trying to farm tons of sugar cane lol.

    1. Anonymous

      You have to have a silk touch axe or the bookshelf breaks apart into a few books.

  3. Duppie007

    This sounds good Avo. I think you must be on the same world. And make it a how to build a strong hold. Avo vs Fril. Post a story to the how to. Don’t just make it a normal how to mine and how to build. Work to a certain point. Defend your base against an undead apocalypse. You know word wor Z…
    This way it will keep the old Minecraft player’s interested as well.

  4. David Tonge

    I love this idea and I have visions of many patron’s different takes on the same process as a gallery of different build types resulting from the same seed or build area.

  5. ade crowshaw

    This sounds like it’s going to be an awesome series. Paul W mentioned fishing. I personally think that this is vital in the first few days of Minecraft survival, so many cool resources to be got. Then there’s the obvious cobble and iron. My approach is to find a mountain, make a hole for safety at night, then dig down to start strip mining. I know I haven’t told you anything new but then again that’s why I watch you guys.

  6. Don "Gabriel" Kidd

    I look forward to watching both your takes on this series. This is great. I was planning to do my first Survival game since the early days with this new release. I’ve had time to peruse the internet, play around in Creative and have done a couple of worlds that are a combination of creative and survival. But quite frankly I want a new challenge. I was also thinking of recording it as well. I look forward to watching both your series.

  7. Downloads Movie

    We are starting on an epic Egyptian build as well as another huge spawn build on the #AlphaCraft server with Frillioth, Avomance, Luke Games and the team. This one will need over 4 stacks of gold blocks !! – what do you think of it so far?

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