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Minecraft One Chunk Tutorials by Avomance

Do you have really limited space to create some beautiful minecraft building ideas but dont know what you can make in a single Minecraft chunk?

16×16 blocks is enough space to create some amazing structures with superb detail.

The One Chunk build series gives you a wide range of styles, incuding Windmills, Bases, Temples and Houses. If you have ideas for a One Chunk building that you would like help on, please do let me know and I’ll try and perhaps I’ll create it in a video!

One Chunk

It is easy to think that a Windmill is too large a structure to fit within the 16×16 square space, especially with the wide sails but this tutorial will take you through block by block on how to make a Windmill in Minecraft in 16×16 blocks.

Beautiful Winter Log Cabin

If you are building a house in the forest or the mountains you need something that has a small footprint, is in keeping with the surroundings but looks really good. How about a Log Cabin complete with open fireplace?

Blacksmiths with Stables

If you are building a medieval or rustic town or development, a Blacksmiths is essential as part of your plan. This Blacksmith with incorporated stables in a medieval style is perfect for your Minecraft world.

One Chunk Castle Keep

Castles don’t have to be huge buildings. You can create a great looking, details castle in Minecraft in just a 16×16 space! This Tutorial will take you through the steps to create this beautiful minecraft castle in a limited space!

Minecraft Base with Everything

When space is a premium but you don’t want to compromise on your Minecraft base this tutorial will give you a compact base that is safe from ground based mobs and allows living, enchanting, farming and more.

Modern Minecraft

Not every Minecraft house has to be a rustic cottage. Sometimes your world needs a modern feel! Click the video above to learn how to make a modern house in Minecraft without taking up all the ground space in your world.