“…As you may have noticed, I’m more keen on Minecraft and less keen on talking about me, but here goes!…”

I am actually a London boy, born and bred.

Although I no longer live there, the accent can’t resist slipping out.

For all those people out there who comment I sound like Gordon Ramsey….. that’s why!

Since then, I have moved around a bit, living in the South of England, the South East and the Midlands.  I even spent some time at uni where I got a degree in Marine Biology!

(No wonder I was so excited about Update Aquatic and all the fish!?! )

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Why The Name 'Avomance'?

I never imagined I would have Avomance merch!


So why the name Avomance?

While I was at uni, I got into adventure games and needed a name to match that kind of world. 

I wanted a unique and memorable name, so I started to think of words that suggested or meant something magical. That gave me an idea to take the “mance” part, as used in words like Pyromancer.

The Avo came from thinking I would be able to cast spells that made me fly in the game. “Avo” as in Aviation.

Stick them together and the rest is history!

Since then, Avomance is the name I have used since that first gaming journey.

Why YouTube?

My YouTube channel actually started off as a bet!

The bet was this:  That I would never be able to create 10 videos, on a game I had never played before, and post them on YouTube. 

The challenge was on!

I had no background in media or editing.  I was, after all, a Scientist!  So, I was a little at a loss of what to do and even what game to start playing.

In the end, I chose Minecraft for a couple of reasons. 

At the time, I played a 2D block related game called “BlockHeads”.  I really enjoyed it and thought there might be some transferrable skills in Minecraft.

Secondly, I fancied a challenge of something new. Something I could blunder around without knowing what you were doing too much and still not “lose”. Perfect!

So I fired up my laptop, installed Bandicam and, using the built in microphone on the computer, made my first ever Minecraft Video… Episode 1 of “Avo’s Journey”.

Believe it or not, YouTube started off as a bet. I knew nothing! Not even how to craft a sword, lay a block, or the fact that mobs came out at night.... In fact, I didn’t realise that mobs existed at all really!

I knew nothing! 

Not how to craft a sword, how to lay a block, or even the fact that mobs came out at night…. In fact, I didn’t realise that mobs existed at all really.

Even worse, I didn’t know that the computer microphone really doesn’t cut it for YouTube, neither did my computer.

What I never expected, was how much fun it would be!

I had never enjoyed a game as much as I did that day and I couldn’t wait to make the next episode.

I was hooked!

I made 2 videos that day, edited them and released them quickly one after another. When watching back, I realised I needed a proper mic!

What About 'Real' Life?

So what about when I’m not recording?

Well, I put my degree to good use and got myself a full time job, that allows me to travel the world. However, jobs take time and that means I don’t have all the opportunities I’d like for Avomance.

I would love to have all the time in the world to do this and I dream that one day this may be a reality.

The interaction I get with my ‘Avomaniacs’ is one of the best things about being on YouTube. 

Many ideas I have, are because of people like you, commenting in my videos and pushing me on.

I really look forward to creating new and entertaining content for a long time to come and hope you continue to join me for the ride.