This Skyblock Season

Welcome to the current Minecraft Skyblock Season

Find out about perks, how to join skyblock, what you could win and how to compete here!

Build alone or chat, trade & build with a supportive and friendly community – the choice is yours!

Perks to improve your skyblock experience

We want your experience to be succesful and fun. 

All the items listed here can be bought using In Game Currency (Gold Pieces or GP’s) or you can get them through rewards for playing.

If you can’t wait, you can head to the AvoVerse Store to select and buy your items immediately.

Many of the perks are listed below, along with how they benefit you and how you can get them.

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Find Out about how to Use:

Minions are cute, hard working, mini versions of you!

Each one does a different job and they last for the season.  

Read on or click to watch my YouTube video explaining all about them.


These are my favourite addition to skyblock.  They are cute and work hard so you don’t have to!

When a minion is born, it takes on the skin of its user, giving you a ‘mini – me’.

Add a Minion at any time and they will stay with you until the end of that season.  Be aware, when your island ends so will your minion.

Minions are little helpers that you can place on your island to do tasks so you don’t have to.

There are 8 different minions that you can have and there is no limit to the number of minions you can have on your island.

The 8 Minion choices are:
  • Miner – Does your AFK mining so you don’t have to!
  • Farmer – Farms your crops, replants and tills your soil.
  • Collector –  Collects any blocks dropped on the ground around them.
  • Fisherman – Fishes in a 1×1 square of water.  Can catch all 4 fish types for you.
  • Lumberjack – chops down and replants any trees in a 4-block radius.
  • Slayer – Kills any mobs within a 4-block radius then collects the drops and XP for you to use.
  • Seller –  Automatically sells any items in a chest for you, and gives you the GPs.
  • Feeder – Automatically feeds any minion within a 6-block radius to keep it working.

Using a Minion

Each Minion has 3 levels with each level working faster than the last. 

To level up, access the Minion’s menu.  Place it down and right click on the Minion. There you can level it up with GPs.  For the Slayer and Miner Minions, you can also collect the XP they have stored from this menu.

If you choose, you can pair your minion to a chest anywhere on your island!  This means all its loot is placed inside a chest that you can access as you work.

Choose to pair multiple Minions to a single chest so all their wood, food, ores and mob drops etc can be collected into one point OR  select different storage chests for all of them.

Also choose to pair Minions to Chunk Hoppers (See Chunk Hoppers) making the most of  their special abilities such as item filtering or autosmelting.

If you want, you can rotate Minions in all 4 cardinal directions, can change its skin and can give it a new name. It will also show you how much work it has done for you.

'Mini-Me' Minion Choices
How to level up your Minion
Caring For A Minion
Caring For A Minion

Caring For a Minion

Minions need to be “healed” every so often as work tires them out. If their health reaches zero, it will stop working. However, a feeder minion will refill a minion’s health automatically.  Heal Minions with GP’s or food.

If a minion loses all its health, it does not disappear. It simply stops working.

Pick a Minion up by left clicking on them.  They can be stored in a chest or barrel and placed on your island as many times as you wish.

When you place down a Minion it will have your skin and the default tag will be displayed as “player name’s Minion”. You can change both the skin and the name in the minion menu by right clicking on it.

How to get a minion

You can get Minions in 3 ways:

Please Note:

A Minion is only valid for the remainder of this current competitive season.

Choose your minion for the Isles of Avo here

Chunk Collectors

Using Chunk Collectors

Chunk collectors look like normal hoppers but they have special powers over and above normal hoppers.

Chunk collectors do not carry the 100 Island point penalty that normal hoppers do  

Read on or click to watch my YouTube video explaining all about them.

Chunk Collectors

Chunk Collectors look like normal hoppers but they have special powers over and above normal hoppers.

Chunk Collectors do not carry the 100 Island point penalty that normal hoppers do.

To access the chunk collector Menu, left click on the hopper. This will bring up the GUI.

There you can level up your hopper. (Hoppers start on level 1 and can be levelled up to a maximum of level 7 using XP and/or GPs.)

To level up with GP’s hit the sunflower on the right of the GUI, to level up the hopper using XP, use the bottle ‘o’ enchanting icon on the left of the GUI. It will display how much Xp or how many GPs are needed to level the hopper up.

Each level of the chunk hopper increases its power, which can be viewed by mousing over the hopper icon on the GUI.

Chunk Collector Uses

A How to Guide

Pair with a container:

Click on the tripwire hook icon in the GUI to activate pairing mode. Then Right Click on the container you wish to pair the hopper with. This can be anywhere on the Island and does not have to be next to the hopper. Finally click again on the hopper to finish pairing.



You can use the Enderpearl icon to teleport from one chunk hopper to another. There are 3 modes

  • Disabled Teleportation will not work
  • Sneak Teleportation is activated by standing on the hopper and pressing the shift key
  • Walk-On Teleportation is activated simply by standing on the hopper


Any Minecraft recipe with 4 or fewer ingredients can be automatically crafted by the chunk hopper.

  • Simply pair the hopper to a chest as described above to collect the crafted items.
  • Access the crafting table icon in the GUI available at level 6.
  • Place the item you wish to be crafted into the centre of the GUI.
  • Place a chest on top of the hopper and fill it with the ingredients.
  • The ingredients will flow into the hopper and the crafted item will appear in the paired chest.


Similar to autocrafting, the autosmelting function will allow you to automatically smelt any item and send it to a receiving chest.

  • Pair the hopper with a receiving chest as already described.
  • Access the autosmelting GUI by clicking the Iron bar icon in the GUI.
  • Here you will be able to enable or disable autosmelting and also access a second GUI to select items you wish to automatically smelt. This is entirely configurable in game so you can have it set to only smelt one item or any combination of items.
  • Place a chest on top of the collector (or have another chunk hopper or minion feed the items into it).
  • Feed the smeltable items into the collector. It will smelt items faster than a standard furnace (e.g. Ore blocks, food items, wood etc) and place the resultant smelted items into the paired chest.


The chunk collector can also kill mobs and collect drops automatically at level 7

To access this function, click the rotten flesh icon in the GUI. This will bring up the ability to enable or disable mob killing. Simply click to toggle enable/disable

The collector will then automatically “suck in” any mob with a 4-block radius and collect any drop that may have been gained had the player killed the mob.

money money money


Accessible through the bottom sunflower icon, the chunk hopper can be set to automatically sell any saleable item in the game.

  • Click on the sunflower icon. This will access the autosell GUI
  • You can toggle selling on and off using the mouse
  • You can also toggle notifications of sale in the chat on and off using the mouse
  • You can access the selling control menu by using shift-click
    • This menu allows you to create a selling white list for the hopper to actively sell to the Skyblock shop on your behalf and a blacklist of items you DO NOT want it to sell. Simply place a single block of the item you wish to sell in one of the whitelist columns and if that block is present in the hopper at the time the sell cycle activates, it will sell the items and credit your Skyblock GP account with the value


Chunk hoppers have an increasing ability to suck any items in from a distance. The suction ability of the hoppers increase as the hopper level increases up to a maximum of a 64 block radius from the hopper at level 7.

However, if you with the hopper to act at a lower level of suction you can configure this by clicking on the cauldron icon in the GUI. This will allow you to scroll through the suction radius options to find your preferred size. You can select any suction radius up to and including the current level of your Chunk hopper. This can be changed at any time.

Block Breaking

Chunk collectors can be used to break blocks, and even AFK mine for you. Access the GUI and find the Iron Ore icon. This is the breakblocks toggle. In this menu you can enable and disable block breaking.

When enabled, the chunk collector will break any block directly above it and place it into any paired container, including chests, barrels or even other chunk hoppers/regular hoppers. This function is available at the hoppers lover advancement levels.

To move a chunk collector, mine it out with an Iron Pickaxe or better. Any other tool or your fist will open the GUI of the hopper.

How many functions can I use at once?

The chunk collector functions can be active all at once to enable you to autosmelt, autocraft, autokill, autosell, break blocks and autocollect all at the same time if you wish. Clever configuration will allow you to multitask hugely, especially when the chunk hopper is working in concert with some of the Minion variants!

You can get these Epic Chunk Collectors in any one of 3 ways:

  • Winning them in competitions
  • Purchasing them with GP’s in the Spawn area
  • Purchasing them on the AvoVerse Skyblock Store

A chunk collector is only valid for the skyblock season you buy it in.

Small wooden dice with question mark on keyboard

Sell Wands

Sell Wands

A sell wand will allow you to convert the contents of a chest, barrel or any other item containing block into GPs by automatically selling it to the Skyblock shop.

Each item has a specific value and will be sold for that value (for example 1 cobblestone = 0.01GP).

To use a sell wand, simply hold the wand in your active hand and left click on the container holding the items you wish to sell.

WARNING, do not hold your sell want unless you are going to sell items.

PLEASE NOTE: Accidental sales due to mis-clicks cannot be rectified!

Only items that are sellable in the shop will be converted to GPs.

Any items that are not saleable (e.g. wooden planks) will remain in the container and can be disposed of, or used for building OR can be sold in on the Auction House.

WARNING, do not hold your sell want unless you are going to sell items.

PLEASE NOTE: Accidental sales due to mis-clicks cannot be rectified!

6 Levels of Sell Wand

  • Wood – 10 Charges
  • Stone – 25 Charges
  • Iron –  50 Charges
  • Gold – 75 Charges
  • Diamond – 100 Charges
  • Netherite – Unlimited Charges 

Sell Wands

Each wand charge will convert the contents of 1 container into GPs, NO MATTER HOW FULL that container is, so make sure you fill the containers up before using them.

Once you have used up the charges on a wand it will break and be lost. There is no way to “mend” a wand.

Wood and Stone wands can be gained from the free loyalty keys that are awarded every 48 real world hours in game. Each Loyalty key has the chance of giving you a wand, or other loot, through a wheel of fortune.

Iron and Gold wands can be purchased using GP’s in game from the stands in the spawn area

Diamond and Netherite wands can be found in the AvoVerse Skyblock shop. 

Click here to find them.

Sell wands will last until the end of the current season or until they are broken, whichever comes first.