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Skyblock - Important Information

Changing to a faction Island

If you purchase a rank, this will not convert your standard (non-faction) island to a faction island.  

You can keep this island, but have to generate a brand new faction island to get its benefits.

You cannot craft a faction island unless you buy a faction rank in the enjin store. 

Isles of Avo

A Basalt Generator

A Basalt Generator is for the Nether and does not work in the Over World for Skyblock.

See how to make one here.

Running generators

You can have three generators active at a given time.

To upgrade or change your generator:  Remember to type /is generator to upgrade or select which generator you would like to be active.

Please use the standard cobblestone generator (shown here) as the algorithm does not recognize other versions.

Skyblock Cobblestone Generator
Skyblock Faction Blocks

Faction Blocks

Faction Blocks have a high points value when placed down on its faction island! These blocks still have value (sometimes a high value) on other islands, but never as high as on its own faction Skyblock island!

The Faction blocks for each species are:

  • Human:  Hay Bails & Bricks
  • Elf:  Quartz Column & Prismarine Brick
  • Dwarf:  Emerald Block & Gold Block
  • Orc:  Netherbrick Block & Bone Block
  • Undead: Crying Obsidian & Purple Glazed Terracotta
  • Fae: PurPur Pillar & Sponge

These blocks cannot be crafted.

These special blocks are only available through mob drops, Faction keys (in the Enjin Store) or by trading with players.

Competing - Useful Information

  • As explained above faction blocks cannot be crafted.
  • If you wish to enter for a chance to win the title of “Best Dressed” you will need to use – /is checkmeout (or faction command) to add your submission to our registry.
  • You can use your own GP as well as the “/pay (name) (amount)” to play other players for trades.
  • All players have access to the Auction House ( /ah )
  • Islanders and Rank 1 faction members have the ability to sell 1 slot worth of items at a time in the auction house.
  • Other faction ranks have increased slot numbers depending on their rank.
  • As you play on the Isles you will earn a certain amount of “GP (in game Currency)” per hour. The longer you play, the more you earn.  The more you play the more you earn, no matter what your rank.

Here is a breakdown of a standard players earnings:

  • 0 – 3 days (in game time) – 28 GP per hour
  • 1 – 7 days (in game time) – 42 GP per hour
  • 1 – 14 days (in game time) – 56 GP per hour
  • 1 – 21 days (in game time) – 70 GP per hour
  • 1 – 30 days (in game time) – 84 GP per hour
  • 1 + (in game time) – 100 GP per hour


Time Lord * Midas Touch * Best Dressed
Time Lord * Midas Touch * Best Dressed

Prize Categories:

TIME LORD: Who has spent the most time on Sky block?

MIDAS TOUCH: Who has the highest points value?

BEST DRESSED: Which island is voted the most aesthetic island by the community?   For this, remember to to use/is checkmeout (or faction command) to add your submission to our registry.

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