Welcome To the Isles Of Avo

Skyblock a family friendly minecraft server.   Safe for kids to play skyblock.  This is called the Isles of Avo.

The new Skyblock Season Begins In.....


Skyblock Season Ends In.....


What Are the Isles of Avo?

The Isles of Avo is a Family Friendly Minecraft Skyblock server with a difference. 

Play for free, compete for cash prizes, work co-operatively, choose a faction, compete in PVP & scavenger hunt events and join a friendly and welcoming community.

  • Choose to play for free or to upgrade for extra benefits.
  • Tailor your game to suit your style of play and build an exclusively designed island specific to your faction. 
  • The Isles of Avo is a close knit family friendly community with many choices of immersive Minecraft Skyblock experiences.
  • Win cash prizes and merch.
  • Play PVP tournaments faction v faction & compete in scavenger hunt events.

Find out more about factions here.

Child friendly skyblock. A family friendly skyblock server.

How do I join Skyblock?

Join the server using the following IP: avomancebng.apexmc.coScroll or click here to see detailed instructions below.

You will spawn into the server lobby called the Lobby World.  Please do read the rules carefully and then accept them.  We are family friendly and stand by this firmly.  Details are in the rule book.  Be nice!

Follow the signs for Skyblock – The Isles of Avo.  Once in Skyblock walk down the stairs , follow the signs and remember to collect a handbook to help you.

You will pass through the portal to the gateway to the four realms – The Great Hall

There are 5 choices listed below.  Scroll or jump to choices here.

Isles of Avo

Join the discord & get involved with a great community. 

This is where everyone gets together to chat, share, find friends & can ask for help from the community or @mods.  This is free, thriving family friendly community of Minecraft players and is a friendly supportive community.  Please follow the rules & work to keep it this way.

How To Join Skyblock

  1.  Open your Minecraft Launcher & choose Multiplayer.

2.  Choose Add Server

3.  Complete Server Name and Server Address – shown above and below.  Choose Done.

family friendly skyblock server

Rank Benefits

Rank Options

You can play the Isles for free.

Alternatively, upgrade for benefits and perks.

See your choices here.

Please note:  Players already playing on a basic island cannot upgrade their existing island.

You can keep your standard island, but need to start a new ranked island to gain the points benefits.

Minecraft Skyblock Perks

Skyblock Perks

Perk shop skyblock

How to Join a Rank

Go to the perk shop (called the Enjin store).

Select your race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Undead, Fae or Orc.

Subscribe to your chosen rank.

Your minecraft character needs to be the character you wish to play on Skyblock.  – Check this at checkout.

Complete checkout and login to skyblock……

Which faction will you choose?

Choose to build on a faction island, or choose from one of the islands below.

We have many to suit your style!

Other Island alternatives

Basic Island

Free skyblock island

Hard Island

Twin Island

L Shaped Island

Choose to play on any of these island alternatives or your faction island:

Classic Skyblock – create your island with limited resources.

Twin Island Skyblock – have 2 Islands appear that you can link for a wider range of blocks.

Harder Skyblock – getting started is a lot more complicated than it looks.

L-shaped Island –  a lot more difficult than it first seems!

The Isles Of Avo bring you multiple Minecraft skyblock experiences, within a single community

The AvoVerse Discord

Get involved with the Isles discord channels, which are part of the AvoVerse Discord.  This is free, thriving family friendly community of Minecraft players. 

For more information on the other Avoverse servers, click HERE.


Three prizes are awarded at the end of each 90 day season.

Each winner will receive $100 plus an Isles of Avo winners mouse mat – (unavailable for purchase) & have your head displayed at Spawn Tower for the next full season!

If you are into making your island looking amazing, just love playing all the time, or fancy collecting island points, then there is a prize to be won by you!

Celebrating Young Man With Mobile Phone Winning Prize And Showered With Gold Confetti In Studio
win prizes

Compete for : 

  • Best Dressed – awarded to the most aesthetically pleasing island for the season- winner voted by the public
  • Time Lord – awarded to the player who has spent the most (non-AFK) time on their Island
  • The Midas Touch – awarded to the player with the highest island point value
  • Prizes are awarded at the end of each season. 
Skyblock Cobblestone Generator

A Basic Cobblestone Generator


Build a cobblestone generator to gain many different blocks and ores (not just cobblestone).

This improves as you increase your generators level. Different Ores are unlocked!

Extra blocks can be found in the 4 faction shops (open to all) around Spawn Mountain, where players can purchase them with Gold Pieces (GPs), our in-game currency that you generate through the time you have played, or by selling the hard earned resources you have mined, grown or farmed!

You can also get all kinds of unusual mob drops, which can then be sold in the shops to get more GPs for the things you need!


Everyone loves a challenge, and the Isles give you PLENTY!

Open up your “challenges” screen on your island, to see how you can work through the list and gain some serious rewards. 

Will you be the first to complete them this season?

Time Lord * Midas Touch * Best Dressed
Skyblock island
Skyblock Elf island
Isles of Avo

Want to know more?


Here are some frequently asked Questons that may Help

Water buckets and ice blocks are available via the in-game shops at spawn.  You do not have to pay real money for these as you earn GPs in game and can buy them with those.

  • if your lava is “gone” there are buckets of lava available in the Human Shops at spawn.
  • If your lava has been turned into obsidian you can simply “right click” with your bucket in hand and it will convert your obsidian block back into lava.
  • You also have two more drastic options. 
  • You can type /is restart and it will set your island back to it’s default state.
  • Or /is reset which will remove your old island completely and allow you to change the entire island to any of the options available to you.
  • You can type /is restart and it will set your island back to it’s default state.
  • You can type /is reset which will remove your old island completely and allow you to change the entire island to any of the options available to you.
  • The island shops are spread out throughout the 4 factions districts at spawn.  To get there  type /spawn . Follow the signs and find the nether portal for the shop you want.  Then follow the signs from there to the shop.
  • Everyone can buy from all of the shops.  Each shop sells different items.
  • Human Shop – food, and miscellaneous — Human Castle — entrance to castle is on the side closest to the Dwarf borders.
  • Elf Shop – plants, enchanting & end items — Elven Meeting Hall — entrance faces the side closest to the Orc borders.
  • Orc Shop – sand, terracotta & nether items — Orc Chieftain’s tent — large circular tent in center of the Orc area.
  • Dwarf Shop – ores, stone & redstone bits — Dwarven Market Stalls — up the stairs in the courtyard of the Dwarven Keep.
  • Yes , if you “Crouch and Right Click” while holding the items in your hand you will sell the entire amount in hand.  Careful to hold the RIGHT amount!

The Isles offers three separate prizes each 90-day season. These prizes go to the players that excel in one of three areas!

Each winner will receive a $100 Amazon Voucher Code to spend as they wish PLUS an exclusive Isles winner’s mouse mat to remind you of your victory!

The three categories are:

“Midas Touch” – Highest Value Blocks

“Time Lord” – the player who has logged the most non AFK hours played

“Best Dressed” -the best looking, most attractive, most clever or most aesthetic island of the season – according to a public vote!

Island owners will need to enter the command /is checkmeout to enter Best Dressed.  Remember that if you own a faction island, then replace /is with /his for human, /eis for elf, /dis for dwarf and /ois for orc!

For more details about competing and prizes click here.

Yes!  You absolutely can.  Collect GPs to spend by playing on theSkyblock Server.  Trade with the community to gain extra GPs. 

All players have access to the Auction House ( /ah )

Islanders and Rank1 faction members have the ability to sell 1 slot worth of items at a time in the auction house.  The other faction ranks have increased slot numbers depending on their rank.

  • As you play on the Isles you will earn a certain amount of “GP (in game Currency)” per hour. The longer you play, the more you earn.  Increases in the amount of GP you earn will be awarded after predetermined amounts of play time.
  • 0 – 3 days (in game time) – 28 GP per hour
  • 1 – 7 days (in game time) – 42 GP per hour
  • 1 – 14 days (in game time) – 56 GP per hour
  • 1 – 21 days (in game time) – 70 GP per hour
  • 1 – 30 days (in game time) – 84 GP per hour
  • 1 + (in game time) – 100 GP per hour

We work really hard to offer a family freindly community on our server.  All ages are welcome and we ask for no swearing or unkind behaviour.  Mods work really hard to support the community and ensure these standards are met.

Please behave appropriately and Be Nice! 

For more detail on Server Rules click here.