Welcome To QuarryCraft

What Is QuarryCraft?

QuarryCraft is a free Family Friendly Minecraft server for anyone with Java edition.  Expect to be welcomed by the community as you explore, build and trade.   Quarrycraft is a friendly community, suitable for all ages.  Please read the rules, but in summary: ‘Be Nice!’

QuarryCraft is supported by APEX hosting giving you a smooth seamless gaming experience.

To join, you will enter the AvoVerse and become part of the community, where you can chat and trade.

Join us to experience fast, efficient and smooth gameplay in a safe environment,  supported by an active Mod team. 

There are even perks available in QuarryCraft.  To enter the perk shop, type /buy in chat where you can enhance  your experience by adding personal warp capability.  

QuarryCraft Spawn

QuarryCraft celebrates it’s 4th Season.  So it’s well established, whilst being incredibly welcoming.  QuarryCraft loves new members.  Just give yourself an hour there to see for yourself!

As part of the AvoVerse, QuarryCraft also shares a central community with other servers, making it possible to communicate and trade across the AvoVerse.

QuarryCraft Minecraft SMP server

Join the server using the following IP: play.avomance.com – Scroll or click here to see detailed instructions below.

You will spawn into the server lobby called the Lobby World.  Please do read the rules carefully and then accept them.  We are family friendly and stand by this firmly.  Details are in the rule book.  Be nice!

Follow the signs for QuarryCraft.  Once in QuarryCraft walk down the stairs , follow the signs and remember to collect a handbook to help you.

You will pass through the portal to the gateway to the four realms – The Great Hall

Alternatively, to go to the AvoVerse Discord.

Here you can find out all there is to know about QuarryCraft, get the IP for the server and meet other players.

Once in Discord, message a Mod (by typing @mods), say you are a new QuarryCraft Player & they will set you up with everything you need.

QuarryCraft Spawn

How To Join QuarryCraft

  1.  Open your Minecraft Launcher & choose Multiplayer.

2.  Choose Add Server

3.  Complete Server Name and Server Address – shown above and below.  Choose Done.

family friendly skyblock server

Join the discord & get involved with a great community. 

This is where everyone gets together to chat, share, find friends & can ask for help from the community or @mods.  This is free, thriving family friendly community of Minecraft players 

This is a friendly supportive community.  Please follow the rules & work to keep it this way.

Want something more?

How about Skyblock? 

Compete, join, share and win cash prizes.

Isles of Avo

Suggestions are very welcome - Please share them here