Welcome To AvoTopia

What Is AvoTopia?

AvoTopia is a welcoming Avomance Patreon Minecraft server where communities come together in an SMP world to build, compete and share.

It is a thriving, family friendly community, with helpful and knowledgable mods. 

Any problems and the community act quickly to help.  From Noob to Expert, all soon  feel at home here. 

Maybe you like to play solo? 

Maybe you like to play as part of a team? 

Both playing styles work well in AvoTopia

Minecraft SMP Avotopia Server

How Do I join AvoTopia?

AvoTopia is especially for Patreons. 

You can become a Cobblestone Patreon for as little as a dollar a month.

Other levels are also available, with extra perks and buffs.

What happens Once I have Joined Patreon?

Once you have joined Patreon, head to the AvoVerse Discord.  The link is on the front page of the Avomance Patreon page.

Alternatively, click here.

Once in the Discord, let one of the mods know your Minecraft In-Game Name (IGN) and your Patreon level.  They will get you whitelisted on the server.

Mods have green or red names in Discord.

The Mods will help you find the server IP in the Avomance Discord.

Cut and paste the IP into your ‘Add Server’ box on your mulitplayer minecraft launcher and away you go!  Enjoy!

What Happens When I spawn in?

When you spawn in, you will find yourself in a Medieval Village.

Take some time to explore the surroundings.  There are community shops, hidden entrances and multiple routes out to begin your adventure….