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Interested in becoming a Patron?

Patron is a great way of supporting the channel and the servers.  As my way of saying thank you for your support you get benefits too.  Here are the Patron choices and some benefits of each one. 

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Cobblestone Patron

the Foundations needed 

Cobblestone is SO Important!
It’s the block used for most foundations.

Cobblestone is the foundation tier for the channel.

Cobblestone Patron gets:

Redstone Patron

energy & driving force

Redstone allows the energy of the game to transfer across from block to block.

This tier provides the driving force for the channel.

Redstone Patron gets:


Strong central support

Iron is strong & reliable.  It provides the central support to the channel.

This tier provides is a supportive pillar for the channel.

Iron Patron gets:

Diamond Patron

Sparkly & top

Diamond is the most valued ore in Minecraft giving the best tools & protection to ensure survival and efficiency.

This Tier provides the very top level of support for the channel.

Diamond Patron gets:

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Thank You!
Your Support Really Helps.

without your support, there would be no avomance!

Your support means the world to me.  I never expected to grow or have fans…. and here I am, with a Silver Play Button, a growing community and a Family Friendly server network where hundreds of Minecraft players come together to enjoy the game across several servers!

Thank you to you all.  From watching, to donating, to commenting and supporting in your involvement.  My Avomaniacs are a fantastic bunch.

To say thank you to those who give to Patron, I wanted to give something back.  To show this I pledge to:,

A Minecraft fan