Server Code Of Conduct

Our Community

The Isles of Avo is a Family Friendly Minecraft Server Network.  We believe servers and gaming should be fun for all.  Our community is welcoming,  where people help each other when they need it and support newcomers.  If you are the quiet type, we welcome that too.   

The server portal starts at the AvoVerse, where you will need to read a detailed rule book to enter.  Please do read it.

All are very welcome, but we ask that you follow the rules of our Server Code Of Conduct.  

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Server Rules- Click for more information

Our Standards

Our mods work very hard to help anyone who needs it and to follow up rules when they are broken. 

By taking these rules seriously, we ensure a family friendly community for all.  If you have children, you should feel safe for them to join the server too. 

We use bots to help us monitor the site further.  These issue warnings to rule breakers and will block players if necessary.

Server Rules - To Keep Us Family Friendly

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Personal Conduct

  • No Cursing/Swearing (including acronyms and abbreviations) in both public & private chats. (Please be advised, private chat is also monitored)
  • Keep ALL Avo servers Family Friendly
  • Be Respectful to ALL
  • Absolutely NO PVP of any kind outside the Mod designated areas (including games of Tag)
  • No Bullying
  • No HATE Speech of any kind, including player skins
  • No Racist or Sexual comments
  • No Political or Religious talk of any kind – No Age talk (let’s keep our younger players safe)
  • Do NOT post any Coordinates (or screenshots including coordinates) in public chat areas in discord or in-game to help protect your base and belongings
  • NO hacks or modifications permitted

If you are unsure about anything regarding these rules please ask a staff member!

Property Laws

  • Absolutely NO Griefing of any kind.

This WILL result in an Instant Permanent Ban

  • Absolutely NO Theft.

This will result in an Instant two-week ban

  • ALL bases MUST be properly labelled with player’s name
  • No entering another player’s builds without an invitation. (The base owner MUST be present).
  • Do NOT open other player’s chests unless you are a trusted player in that area.
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Streaming & Recording on the Server

We absolutely welcome content creators and supporters of the community promoting our server.  However, not everyone wants their builds or chat to be transmitted to the world and we respect that.

Data protection means you MUST NOT stream or record on the server without following our clear rules:

  • You MAY NOT use the tab function to show online players.  This is really important for DATA protection & safeguarding.
  • Intent to stream or record MUST be announced in In-Game chat before you begin recording.
  • You must let the mods know when you will record at least 2 hours in advance & inform them of your approximate start and finish time.
  • To do this go to the discord #meet-greet channel – click here to go to discord.
  • When you have finished recording you MUST announce you have ended your recording to the community.
  • Do not display co-ordinates In-Game during recording, to protect build locations.
  • Please observe all other server rules while recording.
Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a ban

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