Welcome To the AvoVerse

What Is the AvoVerse?

The AvoVerse was a brainchild between the admins of Avotopia, QuarryCraft and myself. 

Our team worked night and day to bring you an exciting and better connected adventure.

We wanted to bring you something better.  We wanted an improved experience, where communities from each server could come together in game. 

The AvoVerse is continually growing and evolving.  It strives to be faster, more efficient, to allow for smoother gameplay.  

There are packages in place to offer Patreons the ability to warp,  mine more quickly and even fly.

We are so excited about our growing ventures.  When you join us we are sure you will be too.

Avoverse Minecraft

The AvoVerse brings you multiple Minecraft experiences, within a single community


AvoTopia is a Vanilla SMP World, with some interesting plug-ins.  Here, Patreons can work alone or be part of the wider community.

  • A Patreon only server
  • A Thriving community of players and mods creating a Survival Minecraft world together
  • In-Game trading


QuarryCraft is open to anybody with Java Edition Minecraft – Try it out!

  • No Whitelist Minecraft Vanilla SMP
  • Great Community
  • Completely free to play
Avotopia Manor - Portal to SMP


The Isles of Avo welcomes brave adventurers.  This is a Family Friendly Minecraft Skyblock server with a difference.   

Play for free, compete for cash prizes, work co-operatively, choose a faction, compete in PVP & scavenger hunt events and join a friendly and welcoming community.

  • Choose to play for free or to upgrade for extra benefits.
  • Tailor your game to suit your style of play and build an exclusively designed island specific to your faction. 
  • The Isles of Avo is a close knit family friendly community with many choices of immersive Minecraft Skyblock experiences.
  • Win cash prizes and merch.
  • Play PVP tournaments faction v faction & compete in scavenger hunt events.
Free skyblock island
Skyblock island
Isles of Avo
Skyblock second island Isles of Avo

Lobby World

Everyone is welcome in the Lobby World.  This is where the whole AvoVerse can meet up to chat, trade and swap ideas.  You can even go and visit your own statue in the Hall Of Heroes!

  • Home to the Hall of Heroes, Members Garden and Mates Base for the Avomance YouTube Channel
  • Central Post Office for all AvoVerse worlds
  • Shops for rare items
  • Warps to all Worlds
  • An adventure in itself

Resource World

This is our New OverWorld for Redstone Patreons and above.  Enter this world to strip it bare of resources, to take back to your base.  This is regularly reset to keep things fresh.  No more holes under your house!

  • A live World to gain additional resources for AvoTopia
  • Accessible by Redstone Patrons and above
  • A way to get the Maximum resources for your Survival World

A dedicated discord channel for everybody in the AvoVerse

  • Open to everyone, including Bedrock players
  • A great place to catch up when you can’t log on to the game
  • All the information about all servers, including IP addresses
  • Live News and Updates

AvoVerse Store

Find out about the AvoVerse Servers. Upgrade your Character and find extra resources here.

  • Open to everyone
  • Buy Warps, Vaults, Flight & more
  • Instructions on how to use your perks

The Perk Shop

Here you can buy Warps, Vaults, Flight & More

  • Open to everyone
  • Buy Warps, Vaults, Flight & more
  • Use on QuarryCraft, Avotopia & in the Resource Worlds