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With each download, you will find instructions on how to install and play your world. 

Please note:  Downloadable worlds made on YouTube before April 2022 can be found here.

How to Install World Edit in Minecraft, Forge AND Fabric

Learn How to Install World Edit in Minecraft Java Edition.

Use Schematics to copy and paste many of the structures below to build an AMAZING Minecraft World.

"You don't get an island... you get a PLANET!"

Skyblock with a Difference

On Galactic Skyblock, you don’t get an island, you get a planet!   Not only that, but there is glass all around it so you can’t fall off! (Unless you mine it out of course).

Choose between 4 different planets as your starter skyblock base:  Farm,  Mining,  Desert or  Forest.

If  you know what you want type /is create to choose your planet.

50 Minecraft Schematics

Over 50 awesome Minecraft Schematics

Over 50 schematics to use in your Minecraft world, from Rocks to fountains, to lights to trees.

Cliffside Watermill

Waterwheel set into the cliff

A rustic medieval Cliffside Watermill built into the cliffside.  Includes a full interior, including a mill stone, living quarters, storage and a crafting area.

Download this Minecraft Cliffside Watermill in Java or Bedrock

50 Minecraft Schematics

Over 50 awesome Minecraft Schematics

Over 50 schematics to use in your Minecraft world, from Rocks to fountains, to lights to trees.

Hidden custom village

Hidden custom Village

A complete custom village hidden underneath a fully terraformed lake.

Download this Minecraft underwater village in Java or Bedrock

Cherry Grove Tower

Cherry Grove Base

A fantasy tower created out of cherry wood specifically for the New Cherry Grove Biome in Minecraft 1.20

Two Minecraft
Megabuilds In One!

Jungle Temple and Hanging Gardens

Two Minecraft Megabuilds in one world, with warps between them.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

PLUS a Custom Mayan Style Jungle Temple.

Custom Trees

Schematics for Custom Trees

12 Custom Tree design schematics for Java Edition.

Complete Mangrove Swamp Base

Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Base

A Complete Base in the Mangrove Swamp with everything you need for survival.

Beautiful Cliffside Base

Minecraft Survival Base in a cliff

This base is built into the Cliff with beautiful views from every angle. Built in a Top Minecraft Seed.

Awesome Underground Base

Minecraft Survival Base Underground

This Minecraft underground Base is perfect for survival and is on one of the Best Minecraft Seeds.

Best Minecraft Base

Minecraft Survival Base with Everything!

Download a fantastic Minecraft seed with a Medieval Base plus a tower with interior and exterior decoration.

Complete Mangrove Swamp Base

Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Base

A Complete Base in the Mangrove Swamp with everything you need for survival.

Minecraft Suspended Base

Minecraft Survival Hanging Base

A Complete Minecraft Base suspended from a cliff face.

With secret entrance, mine and everything you could ever need for your survival world.

Minecraft Fantasy Base

A Fantasy Base House

A Fantasy style house on 3 levels that acts and a complete Minecraft Base.  Download in Java or Bedrock.

Forest Mansion Base

Forest Base

A Minecraft Mansion with a full base set in a Forest location on a beautiful seed.

Lake Base in Java and Bedrock

Base on a Lake

A Lake base including Villager trading in a beautiful setting.  Download in Java or Bedrock.

Village Transformation

Customised Minecraft 1.19 Village

A Beautiful Minecraft Village Transformation for you to use as your base.

Deep Mining Quarry

Custom Quarry Mine Entrance

A Minecraft Quarry with a Crane and a DEEP Custom Mine Entrance

Circle Base

A Minecraft Mountain Base - That’s a circle

A Minecraft Mountain Circle House with Details and Waterfall

Minecraft 1.19 Enchanting Cave

Enchanters Cave

Get a magical enchanting cave with a custom tree and everything you need.

No Spawner Sculk XP Farm

No Spawner Sculk XP Farm In Minecraft 1.19

LOADS of XP from a Sculk XP Mob farm with NO Spawners for Java

45 Farms in one Base

45 Farms on One Base for Minecraft 1.19

Download 45 Farms all running on one Minecraft Base for Java in an AWESOME seed!

A House by the Sea

Bedrock & Java
Beach House Base

The Ultimate Beach House Base in one of the BEST Minecraft seeds. Download in Bedrock or Java edition.

Eleven No Nether farms

No Nether Farms for Minecraft 1.19

Download all eleven “Nether-less” Minecraft 1.19 Farms for Bedrock or Java. 

Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Base

Bedrock and Java
Minecraft 1.19 Base

The Perfect Base in Minecraft 1.19. 

Find everything you need in this Minecraft base, download for Bedrock or Java!

AFK Fish Farms
are BACK!

AFK Fish Farm For 1.19

Download this AFK fish farm here, to use in Java 1.19

Easy Bedrock & Java
Sculk XP Farm

Simple XP Farm for Minecraft 1.19

Download this Easy Bedrock or Java Sculk XP Farm, using a Spawner

1.19 Iron Farm

Minecraft 1.19 Iron Farm
for Java Edition

Easy Double Iron Farm for java,  that gives TWICE the rates of iron as a normal farm!

1.19 Mountain Base

Mountain Base
For Bedrock & Java

Get your Free World Download here for a base in the mountains in an AWESOME seed!

Choose from Bedrock or Java Edition.

Easy Mob Farm

Minecraft 1.19 Mob Farm
for Java Edition

Download this easy Minecraft 1.19 Mob Farm which gives 1000’s of drops per hour

6 Chicken Cookers

Six Chicken Farm Designs

Use these Chicken Cooker Designs in any Minecraft World

Choose from Bedrock or Java Edition.

Custom Nether Portals

Five Custom
Nether Portal Designs

World Download in Bedrock and Java of 5 Great Nether Portal Designs for Different Biomes.

Choose from Bedrock or Java.

Underwater Base

A Fully Equipped
Underwater Base

A Beautiful base in a coral Reef for Bedrock and Java Users

Find your Free Coral Reef World Download below. 

Choose from Bedrock or Java Edition.

AT-AT Walker Custom Iron Farm

Automatic Star Wars
Iron Farm

Download this automatic Iron Farm Base, custom designed as an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars!

Kelp Farm World Download

Kelp Farm With a Base
For Bedrock & Java

Find your Free World Download here for an Automatic Kelp Farm. 

Choose from Bedrock or Java Edition.

21 Iron Farm Designs

21 Designs
for your Iron Farm

Looking for an easy Iron Farm for your world?  See the farms showcased here in the video then download the iron farm of your choice.

All these Iron Farm Schematics are here and free to download.

Item Sorter Base

Sort your chests in Minecraft

Click below for the Item Sorter Base

A Minecraft Free World Download

Everything Farm Base

A Skyscraper Everything Farm plus Base

Click Below for the Modular Skyscraper Everything farm worlds PLUS the schematics for the modules for FREE

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