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Its time to hang up the MacBook Pro

This Blog is pointing directly at you, my patrons, because without you this channel would NEVER have grown the way it has, nor would I have been able to fund what it’s growth now needs. You are incredible, you will never, ever know how grateful I am.

Some of you may know that since starting my channel, I have been using laptops to create content and edit. This has suited my lifestyle perfectly, as I move around a lot, so recording “on the fly” was always a must.

However, as life changes, so must the tools it uses.  So…. my lovely 15″ Macbook Pro is going to hang up its RAM and rest its Cache…. as there is a new machine coming to town!

When you have a brand new machine with around 20x the graphics processing power on the scene, the choice is clear.

So, I am excited  to announce that I have a new investment.  This means goodbye frame rate challenges, hello smoother, easier to watch videos!

Something that I know will benefit us all.

Almost on a whim, I visited a great little computer shop in Chesterfield called ExLen Technology.  When I can, I try to support small business.  I also knew that their reviews and honesty for products were excellent.  In short I wanted someone who knows what it’s doing… which I don’t.

I went with a view in my head of what I wanted, and what I wanted to spend.

Unsurprisingly, what I wanted could probably run the NASA space programme single circuitboarded!  Sadly what I wanted to spend likely wasn’t going to run to that!

The owner of the shop was simply AMAZING.

I told him I wanted the BEST!  The latest i9 processor with 32GB RAM and the new 2080Ti graphics card (I had read that was the best).

After bringing me a quote and seeing my dismayed face, he asked what I was going to use it for.

I explained it was primarily Minecraft and video creation/editing & then he smiled and said he could give me a machine that “knocked the ball out of the park” without costing an arm and a leg!

He worked with me to understand the specifications of the machine, (bearing in mind I can just about spell “intel”), and we found the perfect machine specification. 

Put that together with a new monitor, silent keyboard, speakers and a fancy quiet mouse, I was all set, and pleasingly under budget!

Examples of computers on display

If you ever need a new PC and are close enough to Chesterfield to visit, then I cannot recommend ExLen Technology enough.

You can find them at 172 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 2AR, +44 1246 232323.

Moving Forward

To cap it all off, I decided that because I saved so much on the machine, I would buy myself a new, higher quality, microphone (a RODE NT). Obviously, that needed a new stand, and folding vocal booth…. plus some extra sound proofing panels just to make sure!!! 

I’m SO looking forward to bringing you improved content using it… EXCITED!!!

Thank You!

Thank You!





"I would like to say....

"...THANK YOU!..."

Without the generosity of my Patreon Members, my subscribers and my regular viewers, this upgrade would not have been possible.

So thank you!

I hope you enjoy the benefits of upgraded graphics and sound as much as me!"

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  1. Kathryn Hill

    You’re most welcome! Happy that we could help. :)

    1. Avomance

      WOW – that was quick Kathryn. I am so glad you are enjoying the Blogs! Thank you loads :)

      1. Kathryn Hill

        Lol, I’ve been up the past 24 hrs participating in an international readathon. Saw the post right away. Always a pleasure.

  2. David Tonge

    Awesome. That’s a wise way to invest. Glad we contributed

  3. Charlie B

    Yay, I’m so excited for you! I hated seeing people nag at you in the comments about frame rate and such

  4. Ronnie S.

    This is well written and informative, I’m so glad you are able to make these upgrades. Things just continue a grand upward trajectory! Yay! Is there anyway to edit the brightness and size of the font on these comments. As I am typing this, I can barely see what I am typing. The font is so small and light. Is anyone else having this issue? Everything else on this website looks awesome. I apologize for any errors or misspellings in this reply. I can’t see it to proof read it. ha ha

    1. Avomance

      I will have to have a play with it Ronnie. There must be a way I am sure, I just don’t know what it is yet :)
      Thanks for the heads up

    2. Avomance

      I think I just made it lighter Ronnie… thanks loads for making a note of it. I am good at videos, Websites are a bit newer to me :)

  5. Paul Waychoff

    Congrats on the upgrade Avo!

  6. This is awesome avo and I am glad you were able to upgrade. I cant wait to see the awesome content you will put out with this new machine!

  7. Sara Sara Sara Sara

    Looking forward to the new content on the new monster :)
    May I ask what editing software you use?

    1. Avo

      Hi Sara Sara Sara Sara,
      Thanks for the question. I edit on a Mac so I use a package called screenflow which isn’t available in the PC. Its a bit like Adobe, but a LOT cheaper :)

  8. Donald Kidd

    Great News, if a bit late on the comment. Your welcome and I look forward to your content on the new machine.

  9. deadpool

    Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day. Jennilee Ira Poulter

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