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The Day Came!

After about 2 months of writing and coding and rewriting and singing up to plug ins and rewriting again and getting frustrated and reformatting and… well… It was time to open up the website to the world!

I launch media every week… and its second nature. In my Minecraft Videos you see me derp and make mistakes and create and show the real me, in blocks, several time a week! So then, why was I so nervous to put out this little Avomance corner of the World Wide Web?

I think its something to do with comfort zones. I have made Youtube videos for nearly 4 years now, (WOW), so its not an uncharter scary place for me to be – in fact I think I am as comfortable putting myself out there in Minecraft as I am in my everyday real life! its known.

This website is not!

I did this entirely myself. I didn’t pay for someone to code it or set it or format it or collect the resources and images or write the copy.

Its me!

And its surprisingly hard and exposing.

However, the parts of this website that I am really interested in is the blog. its a way for me to ramble, a bit like I do in my videos, about, well anything, whether its Minecraft, other games or what I had for dinner last Thursday (I may spare you that!)

So there I was… Launch Day! Tuesday 8th February 2019!

It took me 45 minutes to actually write the small paragraph that shouted publicly that I had made something that wasn’t a website. Most of that was hovering my finger over the “post” button!

And actually – I am so glad! There have been some awesome comments, some great feedback and some really constructive critique which is fantastic.

Thank you a lot for the support here. I hope that I keep pumping out these Blogs for you to give more of an insight to me!

Only you, the Patreon and Member community, get this extra slice of Avo as a thank you for the amazing support. you have no. idea how amazing you are!

See you in the next Blog!

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  1. Kathy Cleveland

    No need to worry…it looks great. I am enjoying the content and getting to know you better 😊

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