AlphaCraft Recruitment

The time has come to expand the team. The Alpha's and I have tasked ourselves with finding high quality Minecraft content creators of a decent size and following to recruit them into Team Alpha

It wasn't until we set out on our journey that we realised just how very hard it is to find really good creators that have the capacity to join our crew PLUS have the following to bring value to the team!

After a few approaches to some great people I entered into a conversation with Bizrebellion 82, who used to provide a lot of Minecraft content but has since moved to other types of games, mainly in the simulation genre.

However, our "man in the know" (Frilioth) had heard that Biz was looking for a relaunch into the world of blocks, having not even turned on the game since Minecraft update Java 1.11!

We are really lucky to be able to bring this new member of the team to you, and he has already started to put out content that I know you will enjoy!

We are still VERY MUCH on the look out for great potential members! If you know someone that you think could fit the bill do let me know!

They need to offer good quality Minecraft content in a Family Friendly style.
They need to have a good following, ideally more than 10,000 subscribers although content quality is more important than sub-count
They MUST be producing Minecraft content regularly and have plenty of content already on their channel!

Our ultimate goal is to get perhaps 15 awesome members so there is new AlphaCraft content for you every day, and really give those HermitCraft guys a run for their money!

Its a REALLY exciting time... watch this space (and the channel... obviously) for more news of new members joining the team and, as always, I am really interested to hear your views!

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  1. Kathy Cleveland

    I am really enjoying Biz. His excitement for each new thing he discovers is so much fun to watch. I know he is a seasoned builder , but for now, he makes me feel like less of a noob..😄

  2. Anonymous

    I am really excited to see how the whole team shapes up! I have to admit, I am a tad envious, I would love to join you guys but alas, not a Youtube Content Creator. I’ll stick to waving my pompoms! 🙂

  3. Paul Waychoff

    I’m new here, but I had an idea and figured I’d get a few opinions on it. What about starting a new world fresh and letting any patreons or members join it to create and learn together, where you and the Alpha team can pop in and see what we are doing, give tips and advice and so on. I think it would provide more content for your channel, depending on how creative the patreons are, and also give a little more incentive for followers to become patreons. Seeing as how I dont have a following or a channel, I could be overlooking something that might make this more of a headache than a help, so that’s why I posted here to get thoughts on it lol.

    1. Avomance

      A Patron server is actually something I have been considering Paul… its defo a thought

  4. Kathy Cleveland

    I love the idea but sadly we play on Xbox Bedrock. I might give PC a go if it actually happens 😉

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