AlphaCraft Developments

Frilioth and I had a pretty long call the other day about how we felt the AlphaCraft server should develop. We are both really excited about the group and are absolutely convinced that we could take the number 2 Minecraft SMP position behind Hermitcraft, competing toe to toe with Minecraft Giants like Xixumavoid, Mumbo Jumbo and Grian. We both know there is a lot to do between that target and where we are now!

There were two things we kept coming back to over and over again. The first was the need to do more community builds around spawn and moving outwards rather than just developing our own bases like so many solo worlds stuck together. Jjaaxx and Wild are doing an awesome job here with the Station and thier more recent Egyptian themed adventure.

The second was that we need new blood in the team. We need to find some talented content creators with an active Youtube following and some superb building skills.

So we decided that its time to go on a recruitment drive. The Alpha's are all on the look out for great active talent in channels with around 10K+ subs who might be Alphas of the future!

If you have any thoughts in this regard, let me know, but whatever you do... keep it under your hat! Big reveals to come when the the new members join us!

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