A-Z of Minecraft 1.14 Blocks

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Stay tuned for my A-Z of Minecraft 1.14 Blocks.   Watch a trailer to get a preview of the release.

Dare you update to 1.14?

Here are some helpful hints to help you feel more confident about doing so.

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1.14 is here

Dare you update to 1.14?

Ideas to make the leap to 1.14.

After reading your comments about 1.14 and the concerns people had about updating, I had an idea about a new short series.  How about an A-Z on 1.14 Village & Pillage block updates?

There are so many new blocks, along with a brand new, vibrant texture set, giving a new lease of life to the old blocks too.


1.14 is a big change!

1.14 is a game changer!

I have to be honest… It’s exciting!

Suddenly we have decorative blocks like steps, slabs and fences in options of stone types that simply didn’t exist previously.  The texture options create a new level of interest in designing and building… a real favourite of mine.

But, if you’re listening Mojang… it’s a shame you didn’t bring in vertical slabs. 

Maybe next time? ;)

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 00.05.33

bamboo in 1.14

Bamboo Lanterns & Camp fires

I really like these!  They improve the look and function of the Minecraft world.  New shapes, new food and new light sources.  Even new ways to cook!  Great news for those looking for variation in the game.

All in all, 1.14 is an exciting update with new crafting interfaces that will make it easier and sometimes cheaper to create resources like the cartography table, the stone cutter and the composter.

I hope you’re looking forward to trying it out as much as me!

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