Skyblock Faction Islands

You can choose to get this island with your faction

Which one will you choose?


If you decide to join one of the factions, you have a choice of 5 different ranks for each, which will be displayed in front of your name in game for all to see!

Each rank gives you progressively more benefits in the game, including:

  • Membership of the faction and access to the faction discord channel
  • A free skin overlay for your faction (totally optional!)
  • Free gps every month
  • Faster gp generation over time
  • Free kits and crate keys
  • “Keep Inventory” on death
  • Flying capability

Will you decide to join the Elven Nobility, or the Orcish Elders?

Skyblock Perks

Rank Options

You can play the Isles for free.

Alternatively, upgrade for benefits and perks.

See your choices here.

Please note:  Players already playing on a basic island cannot upgrade their existing island.

You can keep your standard island, but need to start a new ranked island to gain the points benefits.

Minecraft Skyblock Perks
Perk shop skyblock

How to Join a Rank

Go to the perk shop (called the Enjin store).

Select your race: Human, Elf, Dwarf or Orc.

Subscribe to your chosen rank.

Your minecraft character needs to be the character you wish to play on Skyblock.  – Check this at checkout.

Complete checkout and login to skyblock……

How do I join Skyblock?

Join the server using the following IP: avomancebng.apexmc.coScroll or click here to see detailed instructions below.

You will spawn into the server lobby called the Lobby World.  Please do read the rules carefully and then accept them.  We are family friendly and stand by this firmly.  Details are in the rule book.  Be nice!

Follow the signs for Skyblock – The Isles of Avo.  Once in Skyblock walk down the stairs , follow the signs and remember to collect a handbook to help you.

You will pass through the portal to the gateway to the four realms – The Great Hall

There are 5 choices listed below.  Scroll or jump to choices here.

Orc Island