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T-Shirts, Hoodies, Kids, Sweatshirts and Socks. A wide range of styles, sizes and colours to suit every Avomaniac!

Redstone Farts

When the observer block was born,
so was the Redstone Fart.
As requested by fans, get your Redstone Fart Merch here!


No… Creeper… You can’t eat my face! Make sure those naughty mobs get the message with this “No Face Eating” Merch

Phone Case

I-Phone and Samsung Phone Cases. 
Please check sizing before ordering, as these are not one size fits all!


Choose your background colour to go with the room for this poster.

NOW AVAILABLE! T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Socks, Bags and more!

Every item you purchase helps to keep the channel pumping out new fun content every week!

I would LOVE to see pics of you wearing or using your brand new Avomance Merch, tweet me at @AvoMinecraft and I will be certain to say hello!

Thanks so much to my young friend on the right who is loving his Avomance shirt and two Avomance Mugs.

I really appreciate you allowing me to use the picture. You look AWESOME!

A HUGE and genuine THANK YOU for the awesome support!
I hope you enjoy the Merch!