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Quarrycraft Survival Multiplayer Fan Server

There are some amazing builders and Minecraft players out there. One place that you can find them is on the QuarryCraft server that I set up for Avomaniacs to come and play together absolutely for free!

With a large number of players working together to create communities or doing solo builds there is something for everyone on Quarrycraft.

There is no Whitelist, its open to any Java player! Simply put the following address in your Minecraft multiplayer “add server” menu and come join in!

There is also a dedicated Discord you can join once you are active on the server!

I will continue to visit Quarrycraft and tour the bases and builds that the guys over there make!

You can see some of the videos of those visits down below!

Quarrycraft Season 2 is now open!

With the success of the QuarryCraft season 1 world we decided to make a fresh start with a new world in the Update Aquatic 1.13 java Update. What a great world we have now!

December 2018 Tour Part 1

Season 2 has been going for a couple of months now so I thought it would be a great time to visit and speak with some of the builders and creators over discord while getting a tour! WOW!

December 2018 Tour Part 2

So many people to see and bases to visit! it was impossible to see it all in just one video so this is the second part of the incredible tour the Quarrycraft players gave me! Amazing!