Welcome To PlankWars

What is PlankWars?

PlankWars is a Minecraft PVP game which can be played Solo or in teams.  Have up to 32 players in 8 teams all playing at the same time.

As long as your plank (Bed) is intact, you will respawn at hyour home base, within 5 seconds if you die.   

However, respawning is not possible after your team’s plank is destroyed!

Similar to Bedwars, the object of the game is to be the last surviving team. To do this, you must destroy the enemy planks (Beds) then wipe out the enemy team completely. 

Watch out! If your bed is destroyed, you are at risk as you can die too!

This is a game of teamwork, strategy and skill to be victorious!


How Do I join PlankWars?

First of all join the server. This is a free to play server.