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Minigames with Avomance

Sometimes playing Minigames either on your own or with friends is the best fun you can have in Minecraft. Whether is a classic single player PvP like Sky Wars or something in teams like Bedwars, or perhaps a Build Battle where your weapons are your pallette of blocks, competing and playing with your friends, or complete strangers, is a great way to pass your Minecraft time.

As Youtuber rank on Hypixel, I tend to play on that well known and awesome server. The build quality is superb and the game choice is wide. Whats really important is the fact there is ALWAYS someone you can play with, whether you are doing it in a group of friends or just rocking up to see whats happening!

Here are a few of my favourite Minigames videos. I don’t necessarily win but they are always fin and exciting and I really enjoy making them and playing on the server! maybe I’ll see you on there!

Build Battle

Two fun build battle games where I am placing blocks and making mistakes (no suprises there) for 5 minutes while trying to build, amongst other things, a crab that will grab victory for me in its pincer grip!

Sky Wars

I am not known for my PvP skills but sometimes its a lot of fun to get dumped on an island in the sky and try and knock everyone else off to win the prize! Will I be VICTORIOUS and get that First Place position?

A Temple in Pro Mode Build Battle

I thought that, given I am meant to be a Minecraft Build Tutorial specialist I ought to give Hypixel Pro Mode Build Battle a go… and Temples was the chosen category. OMG some of these Pro Mode players are awesome!

Minecraft Minigames on Hypixel

Something different, in fact severl something differents! A series of minigames to try and be the victor of the group, including games like spleef, archery, running around a lot and possibly some screaming!

A Lovely Build Battle Flower

Some of the subjects in a Build Battle on Hypixel can stretch your imagination quite far, some just give you a huge amount of choice! This “Flower” could have gone either way but its actually a really fun build!

Lets have a War... With Beds!

Defending a bed and destroying everyone else’s bed, while trying to collect iron and gold bars AND not getting killed in the. process! Sounds like a lot of PVP balls to juggle to me… Hmmmmmmm