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Minecraft House Tutorials by Avomance

Its all very well having chests full of cobblestone, wood or even diamonds. If you can’t safely lay down your Minecraft bed without worrying about a zombie or creeper eating your face then they are pretty useless.

You need a great House! Unless you are a Hobbit then living in a hole in the ground isn’t the best choice. You deserve a great looking house that is in keeping with the surrounding environment whether its forest, mountains, caves or by the ocean!

These Minecraft house tutorials will guide you through the different techniques to build a great looking house in several styles including rustic houses, modern houses, tree houses and desert houses. With this playlist you will learn some easy methods to design and create an amazing Minecraft house to impress your friends!


This shows you how to build a Minecraft Base in the Mountains! Here, for a challenge, I work freestyle in a biome I don’t normally work in.  I tincludes potions, a Nether portal, enchanting, a mine, Enderchest – the lot!

Want to live in a swamp in Minecraft? This Video will show you how to build a house in a swamp that looks awesome and is really easy!

Large Modern House with a World Download. This is a BIG Modern House, with an underground garage, open plan 2 floor living space, strip lighting, an indoor/outdoor pool, an elevated patio and a filly landscaped garden! 


Living on land is SOOO yesterday! Here I build a house underwater in Minecraft that you can live in.  You can access the house easily through a moon pool and its completely safe from Minecraft mobs, including drowned with trident mobs, while giving HUGE visibility across the area. I also show you how to build a conduit in this tutorial so you can build underwater easily.

In Minecraft, everyone seems to live in the plains, or in woodland… be different and live in the jungle! Here I make a Jungle Starter house in Minecraft – freestyle!  It includes a farm, enchantment, storage, potion making and smelting and crafting . It comes together with the surrounding terrain and is safe from mob attack. 

Easy House in
5 Squares

Making any house can seem daunting, but using a standard footprint and stamping it into an interesting shape will allow you to make houses that not only look good, but aren’t too complicated. This video will show you!

Great Looking Skeleton House

Skeletons are for life, not just for Hallowe’en! This really effective looking Skeleton base built into the mountain has everything you need to live in your Minecraft world. Maybe you could turn it into a Skeleton Farm too?

Giant Tree

In a previous youtube video I made a Giant custom tree block by block. It came out really well so I thought I ought to show you how to make a Minecraft base out of it, including a customised entrance and multiple platforms.

Beach House

When you don’t want to just have a Rustic house in a plains or woody biome, and want to live by the sea, you need a house that fits into the scenery. This custom beach house with some great features is perfect!

Little 5x5 Block

When space is limited you sometimes need to fit everything into a small space. This 5×5 Minecraft house is built in a rustic style but has enchanting, a farm, smelting, storage and a bed, and looks really good too!

Simple Large Modern House

If how to build a rustic house isn’t your thing and you want a more modern feel to your world then this Minecraft modern house tutorial is perfect for you.  show you block by block how to recreate perfect modern living!