It's not all about the blocks

Sometimes it's about the blockbusters

I am a HUGE fan of cinema.  I am willing to give anything a go and would really appreciate your suggestions in the comments below.

I wanted to share some of the gems that I love, and have watched repeatedly, that you may not have seen and might enjoy…. You may see a bit of theme emerging!

Please note, while this website is Family Friendly, some of these picks are less so. Please do exercise caution.

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Although this movie is over 25 years old, it happens to be a favourite.  The plot is unpredictable and clever.  It twists and turns and you can never quite tell what will happen next.

Tensions run high as a deadly outbreak of a microscopic organism, that kills humans, is ‘dealt with’….


Slumdog Millionaire

If you have ever watched ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, then you have an idea from the title what this is about.

An exceptional film with everything a movie may want.  Dancing, singing, excitement, plot twists… it’s all here!


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This is the first, and in my opinion the best, of the reboot Planet of the Apes films. Released in August 2011, it won the Oscar for best visual effects, for good reason.

The entire reboot series is excellent, but this first instalment is superb and gives a foundation to everything that follows.


The Matrix

Mindbending from start to finish!

A great film for anyone with an interest in the online world, this film is one that changes the way you think about reality… even if only for the time it takes you to watch it.

Using ground breaking special effects for it’s time, it has influenced many films to this day.  


Ready Player One

When virtual reality is everyone’s reality. 

Set in 2045, with the world falling apart, gaming is the only way forward! A film about Easter Eggs and unlikely characters being the best and winning through.

How close are we to this Spielberg Fantasy?


The Maze Runner

Imagine being stuck in a virtual reality maze, but in real life!  Youths who have no memory of their previous life have to battle it out to escape the maze…

Is it a harsh game or something else?

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