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Minecraft "For Fun" Tutorials by Avomance

Sometimes its not a house you want to build, or an XP Farm or Iron Farm or any other farm for that matter! Sometimes you just want to build something FUN!

That is after all what the game is all about. its a sandbox that allows your imagination to stretch beyond the boundaries of the real world.

This selection of fun tutorials is created to give your mind some inspiration so you can go on to build some amazing things, like Dragons or Spaceships or maybe just a cosy campfire surrounded by tents. It’s all here, and don’t forget to check out the playlist at the bottom!

How to Make an Archery Range

When it comes to killing mobs, one of the best and easiest ways is to put an arrow in them from an Infinity Enchanted bow! This fun range will help you practice and tell you when you hit that bullseye using simple redstone

Turn a Redstone Signal into a Pulse

Creating a continuous restone signal is easy from torches, redstone blocks and even hoppers and chests filled with items, but what if you just want that continuous signal to be a short pulse, maybe repeated? This shows you how!

Turn Your Furnace Into an XP Machine

Strictly speaking NOT a Minecraft XP Farm but actually, why not use this great feature of the game to store specific amounts of XP, like a bank, for use when needed. Never lose that precious XP to a Creeper again!

Campsite with Tents & Sleeping Bags

You have a lovely house but sometimes you might want to go out into the wilderness and just lay under canvass looking at the stars… well in Minecraft thats possible too! This Tent, Sleeping Bag and Camping tutorial works in 1.10+

How to make a Space Shuttle

Its not just for houses! Minecraft is awesome for building spaceships and rockets too! Use this tutorial to make a realistic Space Shuttle complete with launch tower and thrusters ready for take off!

Nether Portal with Big Dragon Guard

Nether portals don’t have to be made out of just 10 obsidian in Minecraft! They can be much bigger and decorated to look awesome. This portal gives a grand feel to any world and is guarded by a big Red Dragon!