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Minecraft Farm Tutorials by Avomance

Minecraft needs resources! Yes of course you can go mining deep underground or fishing in a river, or even mob hunting in caves or at night, but sometimes you need lots of drops and blocks so you can build awesome creations or eat without having to hunt for food!

Farming isn’t just about survival, its about making the game great and your minecraft world awesome, whether its a solo world, an SMP or another server, whether its Java, Bedrock, MCPE or console!

Below is a selection of my favourite Minecraft farms from my Farm Tutorial series which I have selected. These farms are among the most important in a minecraft world and I especially enjoyed creating these tutorials.

Fully Automatic Wool Farm

A really easy wool farm that will automatically shear your sheep and send the wool to a storage system that you could create with an Item Sorter! Works in Minecraft Village and Pillage update and later (Java 1.14+)

Simple AFK Fishing Farm

Click this video to learn how to make the simplest but possibly most important farm in your Minecraft world. An AFK fishing farm gives you enchanted books, loot, foor AND XP all while you are AFK

Enderman XP

Click above to learn how to make a really minecraft survival friendly enderman farm that will give you more enderpearls that you would ever need PLUS huge amounts of XP to use for enchanting and mending.

Updated Villager Breeder

This farm on its own may seem a waste of time but it will give you a ready and infinite supply of minecraft villagers to use in other farms like Iron Farms or Villager Trading posts to get special items like Emeralds and mending books!

Simple Minecraft Iron Farm

Iron is one of the most important resources in Minecraft but it takes SO LONG to collect. You have to mine it and then smelt it. With this Iron farm it can all happen while you do other things in your Minecraft World.

No Drain Guardian Farm

One of the ultimate XP farms in the game, but also a superb source of rare blocks and resources like Prismarine, which you can’t get from anywhere other than an Ocean Monument. Survival friendly in Update Aquatic and beyond.

Automatic Cactus Farm

Click play to see how to make a farm for an infinite supply of cactus that can be used to make green dye (cactus green) but also gives HUGE XP from the furnace that can be used for enchanting items!

OverWorld Gold

Click above to learn how to make an expandable Gold Farm in the overworld. Make it as large or small as you want, then add to it as your Minecraft World grows and your need for gold gets bigger and bigger. 

Animal Cooker
Meat Farm

Click the thumbnail to find out how to build an easy meat farm in your minecraft world that can cook cows and sheep simply and quickly. Meat is a great food source in Minecraft. This Meat farm will provide all you could ever need.