Best Dressed Skyblock

Vote for the Best Dressed Skyblock Island

90  days ago these players started with a scrap of land, mining cobblestone – and just look at what these players have done!

I am sure you will agree that all three islands are amazing in their detail and quality, but now we need you to choose the final winner.

They will recieve $100 and an Isles winner mouse mat, along with a statue at the top of mount doom for the whole of Season 2 and a plaque in the Hall of Fame, remaining there for all to see.

Vote wisely.  You only get 1!

Voting closes at 5:00 BST 12th May


Watch all three choices here

How to vote

To vote go to 

There you choose to cast your vote for Wharflord, Rhilze or Cepherous.

See screenshots of their amazing work below!

If for any reason you cannot use the link, then go to and use the code 4792 3344

See the screenshots for:

Competitors in alphabetical Order:




Watch all three choices here