Welcome to The AvoVerse

The AvoVerse brings you multiple Minecraft experiences, within a single community


  • A Patreon only server
  • A Thriving community of players and mods creating a survival minecraft world together
  • In-Game economy


  • No Whitelist Minecraft Vanilla SMP
  • Great Community
  • Completely free to play

Lobby World

  • Home to the Hall of Heroes, Members Garden and Mates Base for the Avomance YouTube Channel
  • Central Post Office for all AvoVerse worlds
  • Warps to all Worlds
  • An adventure in itself

Resource World

  • A live World to gain additional resources for AvoTopia
  • Accessible by Redstone Patrons
  • A way to get the Maximum resources for your Survival World

More Worlds Coming Soon!

The AvoVerse is sponsored by Apex Hosting, providing high quality Minecraft servers globally.

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How to Join the AvoVerse

Access the Entire AvoVerse by joining the AvoVerse Discord, the gateway to it all

The Discord link is here:


If you don’t have discord – this is what you need to do:

Click on the link above or here. If you already have discord then it will take you straight into the AvoTopia Discord group.

If you do NOT have discord, it will invite you to join. Follow the steps given. Once your account is created, it should divert you to the AvoVerse group. If it doesn’t, simply click on the link again!