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Avomancia Solo Survival

We have all made a solo world and thought “This one is going to be beautiful, efficient and amazing”. Avomancia is my hope for that dream!

The Avomancia peninsula is a perfect setting for a Minecraft Update Aquatic 1.13 Solo Survival world.

This series takes you through the start up, exploration and creation of this great Minecraft adventure, with friends added to my Mates Base and Hall of Heroes every week.

I also have AvoDale Keys where the houses of my competition winners sit proudly making a fantasitc view from both the air and land!

The One Where it All Began!

Every world has to start somewhere and this is where Avomancia became a legend in its own lunchtime! Follow my totally unprepared methods and mishaps at the start of this world!

Taking on the Dragon Again!

That nasty black lizard took me to the cleaners last time we met. Will I fare any better in this Round 2 of Avomance against the Ender Dragon, and a number of is Ender minions!

Gold Farm in Survival

I tend to make my farm tutorials in creative… it means that the videos flow far more easily making them simpler to follow. However, These things need to be made in Survival too! Voila!

How NOT To Make an Auto Sorter

I needed to pull on the help of the awesome Avomaniacs for this video! Something just want’s working with this Automatic Inventory System I built in Survival! Sometimes its the simplest things that you miss!

Minecraft Survival Villager Breeder

I did a tutorial on it and it was VERY well received but I wanted to do it in a survival environment and what better place than Avomancia? I needed those villagers for the Iron Farm and it worked beautifully!

The Making of the Hall of Heroes

A Huge episode for me here, with my return from a mid season break including a build to give salute to the massively important and supporting friends on Patreon and in Yutube membership ranks. This is its first time seen!