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AlphaCraft Hard Mode Minecraft SMP

Playing with friends can be some of the best times and experiences in Minecraft. The AlphaCraft Survival Multiplayer server in STRICT Hard Mode is a great example of what can happen when a few talented Mineraft builders and Redstoners get together!

The AlphaCraft team, from all over the world, offers fun gameplay and great building ideas as we develop this world! What will happen next?

The one Where It All Began

A Minecraft journey of 1000 steps starts with a single block and this is where AlphaCraft began. The first exploration into a new Survival Multiplayer world and the mistakes that brings with it! Don’t tell anyone about the villagers!

It Doesn't Always Go Right!

Watching other SMP’s on Youtube would make you think everything ALWAYS goes to plan! Well we don’t cover up our mess in AlphaCraft! This is a Hard Mode server and we die and things go wrong a lot! Its all shared!

When We All Got Lots Of Presents

One of the classic “together” videos that we all love to make! Everyone into discord and away we go! No Planning, planning is for wimps! As you can imagine, chaos often follows! These are the most fun videos to make and watch!

Making that Important Shop

One of the most important interactions on an SMP server is the commerce. AlphaCraft currently has a very simple commerce model… sell stuff for diamonds, although this is going to get an upgrade soon!

Cave Spider Farm in Survival Hard Mode

Making a cave spider farm in normal mode is hard enough when you find a precious spider spawner, but to do it in Hard mode when those 8-legged demons pack an even bigger punch is almost impossible!

Automatic Kelp

Apart from going to check out the. incredible Iron Alpha by Frilioth, the 60 village Iron Farm at Spawn, I put together a. great automatic Kelp farm using a flying machine which I will use in my shop at a later date!