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SpeedRun - In Skyblock!


Come and join SkyBlock SpeedRun in a WORLD FIRST!

These are the first ever SkyBlock SpeedRuns!!

There will be two speed runs .

The first Speedrun will take place on Sunday 27th June at Midnight BST until  Tuesday 29th June at Midnight BST.

The second Speedrun will take place on Wednesday 30th June at Midnight BST until  Friday 2nd July at Midnight BST.

There will be prizes!!

Looking for some fun on Minecraft this afternoon? (5th June)
Come and join in with the PvP/PvE event on my Skyblock server.
You don’t have to play Skyblock to join in, just turn up and play for free.
I will be streaming the event if you would like to watch.
Join us at 5 pm (London time).
The server IP is: avomancebng.apexmc.co
PVP arena on minecraft server

Welcome to the official Avomance Website, where you can get involved with all things Minecraft:-

Including Avotopia, Family Friendly Servers, Skyblock, SMP Patreon Servers, Tutorials, YouTube Playlists and more.

"You don't get an island... you get a PLANET!"

Skyblock with a Difference

On Galactic Skyblock, you don’t get an island, you get a planet!   Not only that, but there is glass all around it so you can’t fall off! (Unless you mine it out of course).

Choose between 4 different planets as your starter skyblock base:  Farm,  Mining,  Desert or  Forest.

If  you know what you want type /is create to choose your planet.

Join Competitve Skyblock For Free

The Isles of Avo is a Family Friendly Minecraft Skyblock server with a difference.   

Play for free, compete for cash prizes, work co-operatively, choose a faction, compete in PVE and join a friendly and welcoming community.

  • Choose to play for free or upgrade for extra benefits.
  • Tailor your game to suit your style of play and build an exclusively designed island specific to your faction. 
  • The Isles of Avo is a close knit family friendly community with many choices of immersive Minecraft Skyblock experiences.
  • Win cash prizes and merch.
  • Play PVE tournaments for GPs.

Choose from the links below to find out more….

Skyblock island

Galactic Skyblock

Galactic Skyblock is a free to play SMP Skyblock with a Galactic space theme.  

Enter this world and find yourself in the hub planet, surrounded by a series of other planets.  Here, you can use in game currency (GP’s or Galactic Pennies, earned within the game) to purchase blocks and items.

Click here to join.

Head downstairs to see examples of different farms you can build to accelerate your progress or to generate blocks.

This hub planet is where you spawn in and is the centre of the Skyblock Galaxy.  

Out of the glass you can see a number of planets you can teleport to visit.  Explore each one to discover what they hide.  Find out more about Galactic Skyblock here.

Is this the Hardest Minecraft Escape Room Download?

This is a Free World Download in Minecraft 1.18 Survival

Can you Escape?

YouTube Comments
YouTube Comments
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This looks like a blast. Going to have to download and give it a go. See what twisted evil things Avo has cooked up in his basement. Maybe he is putting this under his Greek build for a laugh.. heheh. Keep up the great work and videos Avo can not wait to see the next one 😁☕
Play Video

Can YOU complete the escape room?

Download the world here and see how you do.

Careful Clues are EVERYWHERE – including in THIS Video!

Don’t forget to Like and Sub!! :)

Want to Join A competitve Skyblock?

This Competitive Skyblock Season Starts In.....


This Competitive Skyblock Season Ends In.....


..... Minecraft Isles Skyblock .....

Want to Know About Hoppers, Minions and Wands?

Competitive Skyblock - find out more

Looking for Tutorials?
Minecraft Survival Let's Play?

Watch the first Episode of Skyblock here

You are the community.  Without you, Avomance is nothing.  You give me support and encouragement and push me on with my channel.  I would like to say a big thank you for that.   I love your encouragement and your enjoyment of my channel.  And yes, I do read so many of your comments, but with a regular job plus recording and editing, time to respond is limited.

I have greatly appreciated your kindness through Patreon.  If you look through my older videos, you will see this has helped me purchase a PC and better recording kit.  For that, again, I thank you.

I want to give you something back for this and have created the Avotopia server to try to do this.

Click here to see what you get from being a Patreon and see price choices.  It starts at $1.  You may feel it isn’t a lot but it actually really helps, as those donations add up.

I would like to thank you all.  Your support watching, commenting, suggesting, and donating.  THANK YOU!

I have thought about Merch a lot!   

I searched for good print quality and well made items.  I hope you agree with my choices!

Browse here to find a choice and style to suit you.

Avomance Tutorials
Create something new

Everyone can always polish up on on their Minecrafting skills.

Maybe it is a ‘Lets Build Tutorial‘, a ‘Clever Block‘, or ‘Life on Minecraft‘…

You choose your next ambition!

YouTube Watch List

Here are some Avomance video categories that you can browse.

There are still many more, to search for in YouTube but here are the most recent & older, popular ones.

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Videos You may have missed

Life On Minecraft

Find out how Life on Minecraft works.
Each episode looks at different life in Minecraft. From Mooshrooms, to Skeleton Horses, to Bamboo, Turtles, Foxes and Cats and much more... There is probably something new to find out for everyone!

The Best Minecraft Seeds

Looking for a great Minecraft Seed for PC?
Look no further. Here I review many amazing seeds. There are seeds with jungles, corals, monuments, spawners, wrecks, mine-shafts and much, much more! Click here to see the seed choice!

Tutorials by Avomance

Are you looking for Farms or Houses?
Click here for tutorials by Avomance. Browse a list including XP Farms, Turtle Farms, Base Builds, House Builds, Chicken Cookers and Many Starter Tutorials. What do you want to build next?

August By Avomance

Did you go away in August & fancy catching up?
Here is your chance to browse all the videos you might have missed! This includes Alpha Craft, Avomancia, Life On Minecraft, Special Blocks in Minecraft, Minecraft Farms and much more!

Some Popular Videos

Here I have included other popular videos to the beginning of the 1.14 release .

Avotopia Videos

Watch everything Avotopia from the server launch.
See the progress of Patreons on the site & see my builds develop too.

Avomance Fans

It is every single one of you, who makes Avomance what it is.
You are a fantastic and supportive community. Thank you!

Great Patron Community

The Patron community is a fantastic way to meet new 'like minded' people to create, build and craft with together. All Patrons get an Avomance shout out and a 'Hall Of Heroes' Statue. Of course, Patrons also have free access to the Avotopia server and discord... plus other benefits.

YouTube Videos

There are now so many responses on my videos, it is impossible to reply to them all. However, I do read as many as I can and its great to see the community getting involved with advising and helping each other or supporting me.

Free or Patron Servers on the avoVerse

To give a bit back, I have provided two servers for fans. One is the free QuarryCraft server where anyone can join. The other is the Avotopia Server for Patrons.